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lipsA ‘classically beautiful’ face must respect certain features, proportions, and symmetries. This is called the science of beauty. Classically beautiful lips must also meet set requirements: the ratio of upper lip to lower lip should be 40% to 60% . That means the lower lip is slightly larger than the upper lip. If viewed from a profile, a straight imaginary line drawn from the tip of the nose to the chin should touch the tip of the lip protrusions. Another imaginary line defines the width of these lips: the lip corners should meet at a vertical mid-pupillary line. The upper and lower lip should come together right at this imaginary vertical line.

But as we age, we lose collagen. The lips lose their definition, color and volume. What once were plump, red, full lips that came together at one point, become collapsed, wrinkled, pale, thin lips, collapsing onto each other and turning into a flat-line at the edges.

The tissue surrounding the mouth also loses collagen, often leading to ‘marionnette lines.’ This loss of supportive tissue collapses the lip corners and we end up with a down-turned mouth giving us that “sad” look – even when we are not feeling sad.

Often, we are not aware of the changes in our lips: a thinning upper lip, a deflated lower lip, a flat-lined lip corner, a down-turned mouth – the changes are subtle and gradual, but the overall effect is dramatic.

Recently, Restylane got FDA approval for lip enhancement. However, my personal favorite filler for lips is Juvederm Ultra Plus. The lips are so vascular and the mouth is such an active area where you talk, laugh, and chew that a thicker, larger, more viscous product would last longer. An oral dental block (as in the dentist’s office) would render the procedure painless.

When you seek to just restore and rejuvenate, you can achieve enhanced lips that are beautiful – classically.