Location, Location, Location!

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In real estate, the essence of a property’s value is based on its location.  In a liquid facelift treatment, the essence of youth is based on the mid-face.

Forget about chasing lines.  The latest trend in facial rejuvenation and in aging gracefully is a full, rounded-cheek look brought on by fillers like Radiesse.TM

Notice how children’s faces have a smooth full mid-face that tapers down to a straight chin. That is called the “triangle of youth.”  Now notice how the face becomes more rectangular in midlife?

After 40, the face loses volume due to structural changes in the bone, muscle, connective tissue and fat.  The mid-face shows its age early on by becoming flat and losing contour and definition.  The transition between the lower eyelid and cheek margin becomes more pronounced.  The malar fat pad loses structural support and descends thus increasing the length of the lower eyelid and contributing to the deepening of the nasolabial fold.  All these changes lead to a flat, etched, drawn and tired look.

By restoring lost volume in the mid-face, your face can look firmer, fuller, younger and even more beautiful. I like to divide the mid-face into two areas: the frontal mid-face (apple of the cheek), and the lateral mid-face (zygomatic arch).  Filling the apple of the cheek gives freshness and fullness to the face. Subtly-defined lateral cheekbones give the face a lifted, elegant, model-like contouring:  the overall aim – finding that triangle of youth again.